Private Chef Services


Organic living is the path to a happy & healthful life. But where do we begin?

We live in a busy world where it's difficult to pause and take the time we truly need for ourselves. We may want to make a positive change in our kitchen and home but don't know where to begin. Allow April to rebuild your kitchen and your eating habits one nutritious, raw food at a time. She'll use the skills she's built over a lifetime of creating a healthy home for herself and others to give you everything you need to have the inner balance and mindful eating habits you're hoping for. Use the form below to contact April about her private chef services today.

April's services include food shopping, clean and healthy food and beverage prep for the entire week including juices, elixers, tonics and smoothies. April loves raw food; however, her services expand to both raw and cooked foods depending on client needs. Each menu April crafts for her client is tailored to his or her needs, allergies and likes/dislikes on a weekly basis.

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